Security Operations

Defend enterprise networks, data, and systems with intuitive, reliable, and sophisticated tools to detect, protect, and respond to the dynamic cyber environment. The volume, speed, and complexity of threats agencies face require end-to-end integrated and AI-powered security capabilities. Fortinet solutions arm government SOCs with the advanced threat detection, automated response, and the compliance reporting they need to monitor, mitigate, and manage mission-essential operations.

Features and Benefits

End-to-End Visibility with Event Correlation and Threat Detection

Reduce time to detection of threats by leveraging indicator of Compromise (IOC) service to quickly identify anomalies and threats across agency networks.

Security Fabric Integration

Share actionable threat intelligence across the entire attack surface to build a consistent and coordinated end-to-end security posture.

Advanced Compliance Reporting

Expedite compliance reporting with automated templates and reports.

Incident Management

Enterprise-grade customizable incident management enables SOC analysts to investigate alerts efficiently and to review, understand, and manage incidents as they arise.

Automated Workflows

Leverage the industry’s most advanced playbook engine to create workflows and integrate into existing enterprise tools, with more than 200 existing playbooks.

Traffic Profiling

Rely on an advanced ML algorithm for profiling network traffic, baselining, and detecting network and behavioral anomalies.

Featured Products


Trusted Cybersecurity for Government. Everywhere You Need It.

Enable Trusted Network Security

Start the Journey to Zero Trust with Zero Trust Network Access

Secure Cloud Computing with Agile Agency Operations

Observe and Protect Enterprise Users, Data and Devices

Modernize Networks for Security, Simplicity and Scalability

Comply with Federal Regulations and Industry Security Standards