Endpoint Security

Protect endpoints to provide secure on-demand, anywhere, anytime access to networks, data, and applications. The expanding remote workforce and proliferation of connected devices has a downside—it presents new opportunities for cyberattacks such as ransomware at the endpoints. It is imperative that agencies deploy tightly integrated solutions that enable security teams to see, control, and protect all devices–on and off their networks—with tools to detect and respond to potential and actual threats at the network edge.

Features and Benefits

Discover, Predict, and Prevent

Gain visibility to discover rogue or ‘shadow IT assets’, control computers, IoT devices, and applications through security based on an agency’s risk mitigation policies and prevent threats with next-generation antivirus.

Detect and Defuse in Real Time

Enable advanced protection to reduce attack surfaces, achieve dynamic access control, support threat hunting, and automatically detect and diffuse potential threats in real time.

Playbook-Based Incident Response

Create customizable contextually-drive incident response playbooks. Automate incident response including terminating processes, removing files, isolating devices, and rolling back malicious changes.

Real Time and Automatic

Avoid incident response time gaps through automation and orchestration. Stop the breach, prevent data exfiltration, protect data from ransomware damage, and facilitate incident investigation and management.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Ensure secure remote access and consistent application access policies with ZTNA.

Software Inventory Management

Maintain an updated enterprise software inventory and enable streamlined license management.

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