Cloud Security

Accelerate the migration to cloud-based applications and services from existing IT environments and minimize enterprise risk migration with enhanced hybrid cloud security. Agencies need to maximize the performance benefits of cloud computing, while defending expanded attack surfaces, securing applications, and ensuring the integrity of data center connectivity.

With Fortinet Cloud Security, Federal professionals have the visibility, control, and protection they need to implement trusted cloud infrastructures that meet Federal security requirements, including the NIST Risk Management Framework, FedRAMP, and the DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide.

Features and Benefits

Powerful and Agile Security

Ensure agility with cloud native security automation and robust protection. Stop advanced threats with identity-based segmentation, micro-segmentation, and AI-powered cybersecurity.

Secure Cloud Transformation

Innovate faster while minimizing risk and right-sizing cloud migration strategy, adoption, and architecture to meet your agency requirements. Fortinet Federal offers flexible options tailored to your operational needs, including licensing and on-demand usage models.

Ensure Consistent Application Performance

Improve productivity and the user experience with reliable, consistent applications delivery through high-speed, private, and encrypted network connections—from agency headquarters to each endpoint.

Focus on Real Threats

Fortinet provides advanced tools designed to minimize false positive alerts. By eliminating unnecessary alerts, agency professionals are better able to manage daily operations and address exceptions to security policy that may indicate unauthorized network activity.

Secure, Scalable Environments

Fortinet cloud security is designed to scale and align with your agency’s evolving organizational and operational demands for hosted data, applications, and services.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Take advantage of predefined compliance reporting options to ensure your organization stays on top of agency security policies and Federal regulatory and reporting requirements.

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Enable Trusted Network Security

Start the Journey to Zero Trust with Zero Trust Network Access

Advance Agency Threat Detection and Response

Observe and Protect Enterprise Users, Data and Devices

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Comply with Federal Regulations and Industry Security Standards