About Us

Trusted Cybersecurity for Government. Everywhere You Need It.

Fortinet Federal, Inc., a wholly owned, independently managed and operated subsidiary of Fortinet Inc., is dedicated to delivering modernized and secure infrastructure to the U.S. Government. With more than twenty years of experience and frequent industry recognition for engineering excellence, Fortinet Federal provides advanced infrastructure technology to secure U.S. Government systems, devices, and data worldwide.

Essential Technologies Designed to Secure Government Enterprises

Focused on maximum network performance with minimal complexity, Fortinet Federal meets the full scope of agency cybersecurity demands from recognized network firewalls and zero-trust network access to comprehensive endpoint security solutions and flexible defense of cloud-based resources. Engineered with innovative capabilities throughout, the Fortinet Security Fabric ensures U.S. Government agencies have the essential end-to-end capabilities needed to meet their evolving IT requirements in a trusted environment.

Dedicated Partners Synchronized with Your Agency Requirements

Experienced, vetted staff support U.S. Federal Government missions to advance threat detection, mitigation and response capabilities while enabling security-driven networking, zero trust network access, dynamic cloud security, and AI-enhanced cyber operations. As part of its Federally focused mission, Fortinet Federal has a long-standing track record of working with the Federal System Integrator (SI) and Federal service provider communities, who collectively rely on Fortinet Federal’s secure supply chain to support their U.S. Government Civilian, Defense, and Intel Community customers.

Enable Trusted Network Security

Start the Journey to Zero Trust with Zero Trust Network Access

Secure Cloud Computing with Agile Agency Operations

Advance Agency Threat Detection and Response

Observe and Protect Enterprise Users, Data and Devices

Modernize Networks for Security, Simplicity and Scalability