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cyber attacks

Keys to Countering Cyberattacks Against State and Local Agencies

StateTech | by Jim Richberg
Biden administration looks to jumpstart cyber training

Biden Administration Looks to Jumpstart Cyber Training

FCW | by Natalie Alms
cybersecurity zero trust

USCIS Zero Trust Journey; DEIA in Federal Acquisition; Public-Private Partnerships Advancing Cybersecurity

FedScoop | by Francis Rose
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing VAPT

The Value of VAPT for State and Local Agencies

StateTech | by Doug Bonderud
cyber warfare

U.S. Cyber Defenses Must Prepare for the Proliferation of Cyber Warfare

C4ISRNet | by Jim Richberg
air gap technology

The Value of Air Gapping Local Industrial Control Systems

StateTech | by Doug Bonderud
software bill of materials

OMB Guidance Presents Chance to Standardize Software Bill of Materials

FedScoop | by Dave Nyczepir
cyber security target

Connected Federal Buildings could become Prime Cyber Targets

Federal News Network | by Jim Richberg
secure software

Secure Software Development Framework not Evident in Federal Procurement yet

FedScoop | by Dave Nyczepir

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