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Consult the latest news and expert perspectives featured in leading public sector IT publications and learn how Fortinet technologies are improving the U.S. Government cybersecurity postures.

Effective federated cybersecurity requires balancing situational awareness and response

Federal News Network | by Jim Richberg

Pentagon, private sector must partner to fight new era of cyberattacks

C4ISRNET | by Felipe Fernandez

Mission Impossible: The Quest for Technology Acquisition and Advancement

AFCEA | by Diego Lane

How cyber threats, and threat intelligence, are changing

Inside the IC | by Justin Doubleday
election security

Protect Elections by Prioritizing Public Awareness of Cyber Defenses

GCN | by Jim Richberg
cybersecurity teamwork

Three Ways To Improve Teamwork In Cybersecurity

Forbes | by Jim Richberg
cyber insurance

Insurance for Catastrophic Cyber Loss; Testing New Tech Projects at CBP

FedScoop Radio | by Francis Rose
transition to the cloud

Lessons from Pandemic Shaping Federal Agency Transition to the Cloud

Federal Times | by Steve Hoffman
identity management

GSA Outlines Best Practices for Identity Management

GovCIO | by Sarah Sybert

Federal Cyber Grants could Foster Greater Cooperation between State, Local Governments

GCN | by Chris Teale
Trends in Developing a New Cyber Workforce Strategy

Trends in Developing a New Cyber Workforce Strategy

GovTech | by Dan Lohrmann
cyber security federal government

TSB Only Federal Agency Lacking a CISA-Mandated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

NextGov | by Edward Graham

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