Shelly Scarpelli
Shelly Scarpelli

Fortinet Federal Presents The 2022 Security Transformation Summit

From advanced persistent threats (APT), evolving ransomware trends, or compliance mandates like the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity (EO), government agencies face unique cybersecurity risk decisions. They need to balance budgeting and staffing constraints with securing critical infrastructures, like healthcare, financial systems, and national defense.

At the 2022 Security Transformation Summit presented by Fortinet Federal and produced by FedScoop and StateScoop, public sector cybersecurity and IT management professionals will hear government and industry leaders discuss 2023 priorities, including ways to include future-proofing security into evolving digital modernization initiatives.

Fortinet Federal Presents the 2022 Security Transformation Summit

At the upcoming event, public- and private-sector leaders will share insights around key trends including:

  • Modernization of Cybersecurity
  • Zero Trust Architectures (ZTA) and the Cyber Executive Order
  • Convergence of Security and Networking
  • Implementing Multi-Cloud Assurance
  • Reliable Supply Chain Security
  • AI-Driven Threat Intelligence and Enhanced Risk Mitigation

The Summit brings together cybersecurity experts from across government and technology to discuss ways the federal, state, and local sectors can augment their current resources, examine security gaps, and implement best practices.

The event will be taking place in person for the first time since 2019 at the Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City, on December 8, 2022, from 8:30 AM-1:45 PM ET.

This year’s impressive keynote roster includes keynote addresses from:

  • General James Clapper, USAF, Former Director of National Intelligence, and Fortinet PSAC Board Member
  • Suzanne Spaulding, Sr. Adviser, Homeland Security, International Security Program, CSIS, Former Undersecretary, DHS, and Fortinet PSAC Board Member
  • Brigadier General Jan Norris to deliver: Know Your Threat: How Partnerships are Driving Better Threat Intelligence

In addition, Gerald Caron (CIO, Assistant Inspector General, Information Technology, HHS) will deliver a fireside chat “What’s Next? Zero Trust and the Cyber EO, 18 Months Later” to look into Zero Trust and the Cyber Executive Order, and how it is progressing.

Additional Sessions at the 2022 Security Transformation Summit 

This year’s Summit addresses the most important trends across the Federal space. Here are a few of the key discussions to expect from this year’s event:

Digital Modernization 

Amid rapid digital transformation, IT footprints have grown, and Federal agencies need additional human and computer resources to keep up.

The Summit includes the following sessions addressing the Federal need to modernize IT:

  • The Convergence of Security and Networking
  • Security in a Multi-Cloud World, featuring Brian Epley, PDCIO, Department of Energy
  • Modernizing Cybersecurity on the Path to Digital Transformation

Zero Trust Architectures

Implementing zero trust architectures requires agencies to take a systematic approach to security that requires verification any time an application, user, or device wants to communicate.

Beyond the fireside chat, the Summit also includes a keynote address from Chris Cleary, Principal Advisor Cybersecurity, Dept. of Navy, titled, “The Military’s Journey to Zero Trust and Better Cyber.”

Address Cybersecurity Challenges at the Security Transformation Summit

By incorporating future-proof security, government agencies can effectively and efficiently identify, contain, and eradicate threats.

At the Summit, Federal agency participants have the opportunity to learn how to build stronger security by attending:

  • Keynote Address: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity Operations with AI
  • Keynote Address: Securing the Software Supply Chain
  • Panel: The Ransomware Fight at the State and Local Level

Hosted by Fortinet Federal, we’d like to thank all of our sponsors, including:

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Collaboration and Simplified Tools are Keys to Modernizing Federal Legacy Systems

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